Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear, I rise.
— Maya Angelou

Shanell Alyssa is a creative visionary and R&B neo-soul artist who believes music is a resource that can teach us to better love ourselves and one another. She has roots in her upbringing in the Black gospel tradition where she sang in choirs, took piano lessons, and later taught herself to play the acoustic guitar.

Inspired by a spiritual awakening during her college years, she began to write and arrange songs, developing a unique style of weaving poignant, illustrative lyrics with soulful arrangements and laying spoken word verses over acoustic guitar progressions.

She believes each individual is called to work toward their truest expression of humanity through a call to Rise Above the stigma that the world wants to place around us, and she makes a charge to all to stand for justice in love because love and grace are stronger than anger and hate.