Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear, I rise.
— Maya Angelou

Shanell Alyssa brings forth a soulful compilation of thought-provoking lyrics and warm melodic tones, organically combined to make all who listen feel at home. Singer, songwriter, and musician with a goal to create experiences that reach beyond the melodies and sounds, Shanell Alyssa creates spaces throughout her city for community members to engage in music, visual art, and dialogue while exploring the intersections of art and social action in communities. Her unique Reset events are a new addition to Boston, MA communities and encourage attendees to leave the event space refreshed and with a desire to Rise Above, as Shanell Alyssa's brand states. 


Shanell Alyssa's musical beginnings are rooted in her upbringing in the Black gospel tradition where she began singing in her church's choir, taking piano lessons, and later teaching herself to play the acoustic guitar. She learned from many of gospel’s greats and has been further inspired to infuse the soul, passion, and community-centered spirit of the Black gospel tradition with neo-soul, R&B, and folk elements.

Shanell Alyssa strives to uplift and inspire through her music, encouraging listeners to Rise Above adversity and achieve greatness.