RESET Series Begins in Brookline, MA

Shanell Alyssa and Bed Hermin kicked off Reset, a series of events including music, visual art, and dialogue about current social issues, in Brookline on January 27, 2018. With a goal to introduce music and the arts as a segue into discussions about systems of privilege, oppression and power, Shanell and Bed glean from their work and studies as future Music and Expressive Arts Therapists respectively to bring together conversations about the arts and social justice. The mission of reset is to create a space for artistic expression and cultivation of discussions that may otherwise be difficult to begin. The music and art primes the atmosphere for discussion, and the Reset space is one of healing, community building, and growth with a heightened focus on issues of race and creating a space for people of color to heal and grow in community. 

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Shanell Percy